Summer: The Season of Fruition

What do you think of when you hear the word summer? Heat, delicious fruits, growth, vegetation, adventure, movement, excitement, water play, thunder storms, sweat, feeling alive…

What does my age, Virginia, my yoga practice and Turning Point Healing Retreat Center have to do with summer?

Great question! Who what of thought that they all would meld together in this time and place. In South Central Virginia. At this turning point in my life!

This July I reached 60 years of age. This time in my life is referred to as the “Wizdom and Golden years’. I often think of myself as a novice in life, I am grateful for the opportunity to see things anew through what is known as beginner’s eyes. The ability to let go of what I think I know and be pleasantly surprised by the revelations of an experience. This is an everyday occurrence with my move to Meherrin, Virginia.

When I am in a grounded and balanced state, I find myself in awe with the beauty, the amazing people I am meeting, and the endless opportunities to be of service. Endless offerings to my massage practice, health and wellness coaching, naturalist training, love of teaching, 12 Step work around an eating disorder, yoga training and the daily practice of a healthful lifestyle. An opportunity to offer all the things that I have been training in and dedicating my life to. The fruits of my labor!

When I come out of balance I begin to question and doubt…

Last Tuesday when only Ruth, my partner and wife attended my yoga class that I teach, I began to spiral down that tunnel of doubt, questioning and self-pity. I was almost convinced I had nothing to offer! Was I crazy to think that this was going to work! In desperation. I made a plea and put out a prayer to Divinity. Please guide me, show me that this is the work that I am meant to do here in my new Virginia home! Please give me an apparent sign! Within 24 hours the signs came in loud and clear! Two people, through our Turning Point Healing website asked about yoga and meditation classes, 2 people sent word through a friend that they were coming to the next class, and someone called to say that they and a friend would be attending class! Wow! This morning’s class had 7 people in it!!! It was a beautiful experience. My heart was filled with joy as I watched yoga being embodied beautifully by each student. Each open to the healing benefits of Yoga practice. Receiving the gift of a healing breath, the calming of their nervous systems, increased flexibility, extended range of motion and the energy of a beautiful community of people.

During the class feelings of joy and love revealed the primary purpose of why I teach and share the gift of all the fruits I bear. It is to pass on to others the many gifts I have received that made such a profound difference in my life. To possibly make life a bit easier, more joyful, more healthful so others can then pass these and their gifts on to others in our community and to the world! The ability to connect to the love and light that each of us uniquely brings forth to the world! I could only realize this through the heat of the experience. By Being in the Sacred pause of my predicament, questioning and dilemma. Like the summer heat that ripens the fruits. The transformation that enables the seeds to be spread for germination in the fertile soil.

The genesis of Turning Point, Our move to Virginia, our massage practice in NY state, our friend’s move to Virginia 15 or so years ago. All the people who have helped us along the way. The support, love and direction we received. The validation. All have led us to this Turning Point where we all get to meld the fruits of our labor and lives into a legacy that will benefit many generations to come. We are truly Grateful!!!

 I will remember this summer’s lesson when I doubt again. It will help to remind me of this transformative experience, to return me home to the truth.

The truth is that we have amazingly unique gifts to offer to the world!  Our transformation is lovingly crafted through our life experiences. There are no mistakes, coincidences. I believe that we are all hand and heart crafted through the workings of Divinity however we each define it. Our lives become the expression of this awesome gift that has the potential to cast the seeds that will impact the world forever! You and I are a miracle!!!! In every way. May we realize our potentials, answer the call of our authenticity, and shine our lights for all to see, adding to the love, hope, joy and promise that we hold for ourselves and others!

Share a transformative turning point in your life…

Summer Food Spice Delicacies

Green leafy vegetables, lighter foods, seeds, fruits, whole grains, less dense meats, and seasonal veggies promote well-being and healing in this time of heat, and growth. Here are some sensational cooling recipes…

Summer Spice Mix

Use instead of salt to reduce water retention and cut down on a bloated feeling.

½ tsp. cardamom powder (improves blood circulation in the body and protects the heart)

1 tbsp. turmeric powder (reduces inflammation)

1 tbsp. whole cumin seeds (promotes digestion, a rich source of iron)

1tbsp. whole fennel seeds (aids in digestion)

1 tbsp. whole coriander seeds (rich in iron, vitamins C&K, fiber, and manganese)


In a heavy bottom skillet dry roast the fennel, cumin and coriander on a medium heat source just until you sense the fragrance from the herbal combination. When cooled grind them in a grinder especially set aside for herbs. Transfer into a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Store in an air tight container.

Infuse in a cooling coconut oil or in ghee. Sprinkle over veggies or grain and enjoy this summer cooling spice sensation.

For more cool recipes:

The EveryDay Ayurveda CookBook by Kate O’Donnell

Cool Ways to Spend the Summer!

Lay low in the heat of the day 10-2

Protect your skin with sun block

Nourish and cool your skin and calm your nervous system with a massage using coconut oil

Protect the eyes with sun glasses to cut down on direct sunlight and glare

Wear a large brimmed hat to protect the eyes and face from intense light rays

Stay hydrated and eat cool foods that contain coconut. Coconut water is nutritious and hydrating.

Exercise in the cool of the morning and evening


Cool Yoga Moves

Watch our video on Moon Salutation Chandra namaskar – coming soon on

The moon is a manifestation of the feminine as the sun represents the masculine aspects of nature. In the heat of summer bring in the cool introspective practice honoring the feminine. The moon, like a mother, teaches us to slow down, to be receptive and to tend to personal needs. A very powerful full body prayer under the light of the moon.

Follow with the Cooling Breath (Sitali) and a period of rest (Shavasana)

Join us for a yoga class at Kenbridge Town Hall

Yoga Schedule…

Make a rose or peppermint spritzer to cool the skin (add a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle mostly filled with spring water). Please avoid your eyes. Only rose water can be sprayed into the eyes to cool and refresh them.

Use a cooling breath when heated (view how to do this on our link to TPHRC yoga videos)

Be playful and joyful to help move the energy of summer

Spend cooling moments in your favorite forest or place in nature

Dance in the cool moonlight, under the starlit sky

Play in a stream!

Romp with your friends

Feel the passion and love in your heart

Express Gratitude uncensored from you heart

Show love through random acts   of kindness

Give someone a belly hug with their consent. Allow you bellies to touch when embracing. Feel the energy soar. Laughter is sure to follow!

Do things imperfectly and practice contentment

Share your ideas with us…

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