Half measures availed us nothing. We stood at the turning point. We asked His protection and care with complete abandon.”Believe Bill

Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 59

Every day I stand at turning points. My thoughts and actions can posture me toward or away from my path of destiny. The life I am meant to live. Courageous I am when I admit that I have come to the end of something and to the invitation to turn with abandonment, conviction and faith, to walk the path, I was destined to experience. Oh, how those first few steps seem so arduous and frightening until I surrender, become present, connect to my inner resource and allow my heart to be my guide. It is during these times that synchronicity creates the path that will set me free to my authenticity and usefulness to myself, my community and the world.

This is the intuitive guidance I am following to Meherrin, Virginia on this Spiritual Quest with my beloved Ruth, our dear friends and family both old and new. The idea of Turning Point Healing and Retreat Center was born in our hearts and minds over 10 years ago when our dear friends fell in love with their new home in Virginia when they were seeking a new homestead location. Just beginning our massage therapy practice we were not in a place to begin a center when our friends John and JoAnne asked us.

Somehow the dream remained alive until the summer of 2016.  Like the dormant seeds of spring that sprout when the conditions are just right! As we talked into the crisp and clear summer nights they began to take root. We felt the excitement and felt the calling. By the end of our visit, we were already making plans to return. We sent out many prayers, and asked for clear signs that this was to be the work for each of us, together. The creation of an educational and retreat center that would empower, educate, reconnect one to self and community, an oasis to heal, recharge and support each other on our journey towards health and healing.

Turning Point has taken a life of its own, and has been embraced by those we have connected with in the community. We were guided to the rental of an old school building in Kenbridge, and are now offering a venue of amazing classes such as oil painting, self-defense, gentle yoga, mindful meditation and many others. We hope you will send us your prayers of support, visit with us and help spread the word.

On our last visit to Virginia, Ruth and I faced the many fears and trepidations of leaving our beautiful home and life as we have known it. We are aware of the closure we are being called to make, the eventual goodbyes to those we love, and the closure of our successful and fruitful massage practice. We are at a Turning Point! We have committed to turn in this new direction completely, in unity and fully with complete abandon and trust that we will all be carried as we do this work that is meant to be.

Our thanks and blessings to all who have helped us here and we ask for your blessings, prayers, and support as we move forward. 

From Our Hearts to Yours, Debbie & Ruth

1 thought on “Turning Point – for Debbie & Ruth

  1. JoAnne Stugart says:

    Beautifully written from your hearts to ours. This shows the true spirit and commitment you have for healing and helping others as they meet at Turning Point Healing Retreat Center.

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