Sunset over Turning Point


What we did this year

  • Consolidating our forces and beginning the work
  • Development & execution  of the CAP pilot program
  • Built the road and cleared the land
  • New classes and workshops
  • Offering healing arts: Massage, Reiki, and more
  • Local community events
  • Adopted and cleaned our Virginia “highway”
  • Redesigned and streamlined the building
  • Created an “Americans in Motion” grant submission
  • Looking forward and asking for your help

Please Help Us Grow!


Sunset over Turning Point
Sunset over Turning Point

Year in Review

Consolidating Forces

Ruth & Deb House

This year our two out-of-state board members moved down to Virginia. Having bought the land beside Turning Point, Ruth & Debbie are currently building their house – a short walk away from where the center will be built. Ruth is working for TPHRC getting the programs organized and the grants submitted.  Debbie is offering numerous classes as well as providing healing services at TPHRC’s rented location in Kenbridge VA.  All five of our board members volunteered their time and service to the CAP program pilot. 

CAP Walkers

CAP Success!

There were six graduates of our “Combating Arthritis Pain” (CAP) program.  The amazing success and results of the program has prompted TPHRC to run similar classes during the day and open to ALL (not just arthritis sufferers).  Requests were overwhelming from people who heard about CAP and saw the results in their friends and neighbors.  We are now “Combating Americas Pain”!

For a story about the CAP odyssey, click here…

New Road
New Road

Built the road to the hill top where our building will be and cleared the building area.

Aromatherapy Class
Aromatherapy Class
New classes and workshops are being offered in and around our community.
Healing Massage
Healing Massage

Offering healing arts: Massage, Reiki, and more services are being offered at our temporary location.

Lavender Festival
Lavender Festival

Covering local community events, including KV 4th of July festival and Crew Family day.

Adopted Highway
Adopted and cleaned our Virginia “highway” –  2.1 miles of Double Bridges Road.
Headquarters floor plan

Redesigned and streamlined the Turning Point Healing Headquarters Building.

Planing next year:

Americans in Motion (AIM)

We have a grant submitted to Health and Human Services to encourage physical activity in everyday life.  We are very excited about the research project “by the people & for the people”. Stay tuned for more information as it happens!


Building the Headquarters

We hope and plan that 2019 will be the year we build our headquarters in Meherrin VA.  It will have a large and a smaller conference room, treatment rooms, and offices.  Our intention is to use local facilities and resources as our events and programs mature and grow.

Stay in Touch

Sunrise Over Turning Point
Sunrise Over Turning Point



Spring    Spring: The time of renewal and connection

Ah… Warmer temperatures, an increase in the length of day, a splash of color is fortuitous of vibrant leaves to come, birds are singing away with the melodic song of the spring peeper. The natural world is inviting, and the energy is flowing upward from the reawakening earth.

A fantastic opportunity to move, stretch, walk, and exercise your body! To re-connect!

We hope you can join us for classes that will work your body, exercise your mind, and connect you to community. Please check our Mindful Motion Yoga Spring moves on our YouTube channel. We hope the latest eye exercises will rejuvenate, revitalize and nourish your eyes (the organ that promotes and reflects the health of the liver).

Simple and Easy Eye Movements:eyes

One of my favorite poets, Rumi, called the eyes the window of the soul! Have you ever looked deeply into another’s eyes to see the spark of love and light? Have you ever detected the reflection of vitality and health in your own eyes?

 It is strongly suggested in yoga practice to exercise the muscles of the eyes to ensure that energy, blood, and nutrients are reaching them, and wastes are moving out into the bloodstream for removal. To allow stress to drain away. Certain parts of our eyes (lenses), lack blood vessels and need extra care to prevent stagnation and dis-ease. Energy flow keeps our eyes clear, strong, and helps us to maintain our sight. De-stressing our eyes keeps us from experiencing tension, and eye fatigue.

Follow our eye moves for well-being and preventative tender loving care. May they benefit you, your friends and loved ones. May they keep your eyes healthy and vital.

 Foods to help bring balance and health in spring

In Spring, foods consumed become lighter in density, and we are mindful of seasonal fruits, vegetables and protein. An opportunity to shake off the heaviness, lethargy and stagnation of the winter season.

Spring is time to care for and balance the energetic energy line (meridian) of gall bladder and liver. These energetic lines run along the sides of the body and down the inner legs respectively.liver merridian

Foods that are ideal this time of year include:

Bitter green leafy vegetables (young dandelion leaves), fiddle head ferns, sprouts, leeks, daikon, artichokes, and leeks and other seasonal vegetables.

Ideal seasonal fruits including apples, fresh berries, grapefruit, pears, prunes, dates and raisins.

Amaranth, barley, buckwheat, corn tortillas, millet and rye are suggested Spring grains.

Proteins include grass fed less dense meats in moderation, black beans, chickpeas, green lentils, red lentils, tofu (firm), white beans, goat’s cheese, rice, organic grass fed organic cow products, and rice and soy milks.

Condiments and sweeteners include, apple cider and rice vinegars, and raw honey.

Spices that enliven the body and keep us health during this transitional time are, mustard seeds, red chilies (dried), star anise, sambar powder.

A Warming Spring Ayurvedic (The science of yoga, food used as a medicine) Spice Mix.

A wonderful way to bring balance to the 6 tastes. This combination will balance the heavy, cool and wet qualities associated with spring.

Creates about ¼ cup

1 tbsp. whole coriander seed

1 tsp. fenugreek seed

1 tbsp. whole cumin seed

Dry roast all 3 ingredients in an iron or heavy bottomed skillet until you can pick up their scent after 2 or 3 minutes. Cool completely.

1 tbsp. turmeric powder

1 tbsp. ginger powder

1 tsp. black pepper

1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper

Pinch of clove powder

Add to the ingredients above and grind with an electric grinder (used for herbs only to prevent any absorbed tastes), or a mortar and pestle until there is a fine uniformity to the mixture. Transfer to an air tight container or recycled spice shaker.

Enjoy a dash or two on your foods to experience a warming and stimulating quality of experience. Enjoy and may these spices greatly affect your health and well-being!

Recipe is adapted from: The EveryDay Ayurveda CookBook by Kate O’Donnell

 The happiest and health-filled Spring!

Hope to meet you at Turning Point (Currently at Kenbridge Town Hall) or at a community event!

Namaste and Peace (Shanti), Debbie V.