1 Pound Pair

A pair of one pound DynaRing weights. Perfect for beginners and for sets of repetitions.


3 Pound Pair

A pair of three pound DynaRing weights. For regular workouts.


5 Pound Pair

A pair of five pound DynaRing weights. For a more strenuous workout.


Full set of Six

Set includes 2 one-pound weights, 2 two-pound weights, and 2 three-pound weights.  Included Velcro straps allow rings to be joined together for variable sizes. A full featured workout for everyone!




“DynaRings are a breakthrough for anyone wanting to do low weight resistance training, and particularly for those undergoing rehabilitation who have limited mobility and grasp strength.  With their unique shape and design, they are easy to grasp with one hand or two hands and in multiple positions. You can grasp the central bar and use them like any standard weight. In fact, you can even insert your foot into the larger rings to do leg lifts and curls. DynaRings are user friendly and adaptable to many levels of fitness.

I wholeheartedly recommend DynaRings for anyone who wants to improve their overall level of fitness and improve muscular strength and tone.”

-Teresa A.F. Moore, MD


“l want to let you know that after I used your DynaRing for my pre-golf stretching and strengthening exercises, I shot my BEST round ever! I used the 3-pound DynaRing. The weight of the ring and its ease of use helped me improve my game and fitness level

-Paulette LaRocca, Golfer