Life On Purpose  Turning Point Healing Retreat Center proudly presents Life On Purpose: Reflections  by Teresa Moore. A limited offer is available to our first readers.  For a $25 donation, you can receive a personalized copy of the first printing.  (Limit 3 per household please) Click HERE to make a donation and receive a limited edition signed copy!

What if you took some time each week to focus on a question, topic, or change in your life? Life On Purpose: Reflections offers 52 insightful and illuminating stories. Each story guides you to spend the week ahead with attention to an intention on a gentle journey through life. 

Life On Purpose is divided into three parts – Lessons From Kids, Lessons From Others and Lessons From Life.  Each section contains thought provoking and often life changing insights on our everyday interactions with others and our inner selves. One week at a time we find a gentle transformation happening as we live and walk with the stories of hope, encouragement, and faith.

Teresa Moore is a physician, teacher, healer, mother, writer, and artist. From an early age, she has labored to integrate western medicine with holistic healing, believing that health encompasses the “wholeness” of body, mind, and energy. With a gift of seeAuthorPhotoing the world slightly differently than most, she brings a fascinating, funny, touching, and timeless world of wonder to her work.

Teresa also serves on the board of directors at Turning Point as our Vice President of Networking & Educational Development. She has generously contributed the proceeds of her first published book to Turning Point and its mission. We are grateful for the gifts she brings to the world and to us.


On July 30th, 2017, our application to the IRS for our 501c3 status went out in the mail.  With the help of an amazing local attorney, Derrick Fellows, we completed the lengthy process for official recognition.  Now we have a tool for those who will donate to both building and operating the Healing Retreat Center.  It clearly and concisely lets people know who we are, what we do, and how we are working toward our mission.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of helping us on this road.  From the wonderful people in the local government to our personal friends and colleagues who have supported this work, we have felt the hands of encouragement and care as we venture forward.  We are excited to see the foundation being formed that will support the work we will accomplish.

If you are willing to help us continue our work, we hope you will consider a donation to our building fund.   

Sincerely, TPHRC Board of DirectorsBoard 2017


Cover Eye Reflections

Life On Purpose: Reflections

By: Dr. Teresa Anne Fears Moore

This is the first chapter from our soon to be published book. Dr. Moore is on the Board of Turning Point Healing Retreat Center and has donated this work as a fund raising project for creating our center.  The finished work will have 52 weeks of reflections and is in the final editing stage.  Please enjoy this as a gift from us to you.

Sincerely, The Turning Point Healing Retreat Center Board


 Warm All Over

A few years ago, while laying in the bed cuddling my daughter, Alexa, I said, “It’s cold.”  Immediately, Alexa proceeded to pull the covers up over me, and then piled all of the pillows on top of me.  Happy with her effort, she said, “Are you warm now Mommy?”  The chill had left my body, and my heart was overcome with warmness.  She had responded to my comment with genuine love and compassion although it was uttered only as a statement about the overall temperature.  I wondered if I would have responded so quickly, and with such love, or would I have just adjusted her covers out of obligation and responsibility if she had made the comment.  In reality, I could have responded either way depending on the time of the day, my general level of energy, and other things competing for my time.  Alexa, at this stage in her life, responded to the moment with total awareness and unconditional love.

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