Summer: The Season of Fruition

What do you think of when you hear the word summer? Heat, delicious fruits, growth, vegetation, adventure, movement, excitement, water play, thunder storms, sweat, feeling alive…

What does my age, Virginia, my yoga practice and Turning Point Healing Retreat Center have to do with summer?

Great question! Who what of thought that they all would meld together in this time and place. In South Central Virginia. At this turning point in my life!

Combating Arthritis Pain (CAP) Program

Turning Point Healing Retreat Center is developing and piloting a program that will offer a six-week CAP (Combating Arthritis Pain) therapy agenda that offers a “non-drug” solution to those diagnosed with mild or moderate Arthritis pain.  The first session starts in September of 2018 in Kenbridge, VA.

The goal of CAP is to teach and empower participants through a variety of techniques and tools, to help manage the debilitating effects of this disease and break the spiraling cycle of immobility, loss of activity, and degradation of quality of life.

There is NO cost to participants. 

If you would like to be considered for this innovative program, please call (434) 808-1575, or go to our website: for an application. The pilot program will gather data to prove the programs’ quality and success. The number of participants in the first session is limited to ten. 


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The cost of a 6-week session is $4,500.  This program was originally inspired by a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) federal grant. TPHRC was recommended for the grant this year, but not awarded any money, so our hope is to fund this program through corporate sponsors, local grants, and individual donations.  There is no cost to the participants of this program. 

If you, or your organization would like to sponsor or contribute to this innovative program, or if you would like any other information regarding CAP, or TPHRC, please contact us.

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We want to invite everyone to our upcoming classes and events at Turning Point Healing Retreat Center.  Details can be found on our calendar.


The last yoga class for this month is April 21st at 10am.
Come visit us at the Earth Day Celebration in Farmville, VA 4/21 from 9am to 1pm. Click here for Details. 
Meet us on Monday, 4/23 at the Volunteer Fair and Ice Cream Social at the Crewe Community Center at 5:30 pm.


Yoga in May is on the 12th at 10am, on the 15th at 6:30pm and on the 19th at 10am.  This will conclude our Spring Yoga series.
Come see Turning Point Healing at our booth at the Richmond Gun Show on 5/19 and 5/20. Click here for details.


Introduction to Aromatherapy Class will be held on June 25th at 10:30am in the Victoria, VA Library and on June 29th at 3:30 pm in the Kenbridge, VA Library. For more information call Debbie at (518) 248-7220
There are no scheduled yoga classes in June as Debbie is moving to Virginia that month. (Good Luck Debbie & Ruth!)


Yoga returns on July 3rd for a six week series. Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 10:00am. The series ends on August 11th. Future classes to be announced.
Turning Point Healing will be at the Fourth of July celebration in Kenbridge VA. Come join us for a fun day! More information will be coming soon. Hope to see you there!

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Spring    Spring: The time of renewal and connection

Ah… Warmer temperatures, an increase in the length of day, a splash of color is fortuitous of vibrant leaves to come, birds are singing away with the melodic song of the spring peeper. The natural world is inviting, and the energy is flowing upward from the reawakening earth.

A fantastic opportunity to move, stretch, walk, and exercise your body! To re-connect!

We hope you can join us for classes that will work your body, exercise your mind, and connect you to community. Please check our Mindful Motion Yoga Spring moves on our YouTube channel. We hope the latest eye exercises will rejuvenate, revitalize and nourish your eyes (the organ that promotes and reflects the health of the liver).

Simple and Easy Eye Movements:eyes

One of my favorite poets, Rumi, called the eyes the window of the soul! Have you ever looked deeply into another’s eyes to see the spark of love and light? Have you ever detected the reflection of vitality and health in your own eyes?

 It is strongly suggested in yoga practice to exercise the muscles of the eyes to ensure that energy, blood, and nutrients are reaching them, and wastes are moving out into the bloodstream for removal. To allow stress to drain away. Certain parts of our eyes (lenses), lack blood vessels and need extra care to prevent stagnation and dis-ease. Energy flow keeps our eyes clear, strong, and helps us to maintain our sight. De-stressing our eyes keeps us from experiencing tension, and eye fatigue.

Follow our eye moves for well-being and preventative tender loving care. May they benefit you, your friends and loved ones. May they keep your eyes healthy and vital.

 Foods to help bring balance and health in spring

In Spring, foods consumed become lighter in density, and we are mindful of seasonal fruits, vegetables and protein. An opportunity to shake off the heaviness, lethargy and stagnation of the winter season.

Spring is time to care for and balance the energetic energy line (meridian) of gall bladder and liver. These energetic lines run along the sides of the body and down the inner legs respectively.liver merridian

Foods that are ideal this time of year include:

Bitter green leafy vegetables (young dandelion leaves), fiddle head ferns, sprouts, leeks, daikon, artichokes, and leeks and other seasonal vegetables.

Ideal seasonal fruits including apples, fresh berries, grapefruit, pears, prunes, dates and raisins.

Amaranth, barley, buckwheat, corn tortillas, millet and rye are suggested Spring grains.

Proteins include grass fed less dense meats in moderation, black beans, chickpeas, green lentils, red lentils, tofu (firm), white beans, goat’s cheese, rice, organic grass fed organic cow products, and rice and soy milks.

Condiments and sweeteners include, apple cider and rice vinegars, and raw honey.

Spices that enliven the body and keep us health during this transitional time are, mustard seeds, red chilies (dried), star anise, sambar powder.

A Warming Spring Ayurvedic (The science of yoga, food used as a medicine) Spice Mix.

A wonderful way to bring balance to the 6 tastes. This combination will balance the heavy, cool and wet qualities associated with spring.

Creates about ¼ cup

1 tbsp. whole coriander seed

1 tsp. fenugreek seed

1 tbsp. whole cumin seed

Dry roast all 3 ingredients in an iron or heavy bottomed skillet until you can pick up their scent after 2 or 3 minutes. Cool completely.

1 tbsp. turmeric powder

1 tbsp. ginger powder

1 tsp. black pepper

1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper

Pinch of clove powder

Add to the ingredients above and grind with an electric grinder (used for herbs only to prevent any absorbed tastes), or a mortar and pestle until there is a fine uniformity to the mixture. Transfer to an air tight container or recycled spice shaker.

Enjoy a dash or two on your foods to experience a warming and stimulating quality of experience. Enjoy and may these spices greatly affect your health and well-being!

Recipe is adapted from: The EveryDay Ayurveda CookBook by Kate O’Donnell

 The happiest and health-filled Spring!

Hope to meet you at Turning Point (Currently at Kenbridge Town Hall) or at a community event!

Namaste and Peace (Shanti), Debbie V.

Turning Point Healing Retreat Center proudly announces another series of classes for the community coming in February of 2018.

February Class Schedule

Kathleen Baldwin is going to teach her wonderful sketching techniques as a method of relaxing and enjoying an easy way to capture our hidden artistic talents.

Kathleen Baldwin

Kathleen Baldwin

Each class will include a centering experience, breath-work , stretching and warm-ups, yoga postures, a period of rest, and meditation.

Debbie Vigneri

Debbie Vigneri

Kat will gently guide you through the steps to felt making and then show you how to complete your own “FELTED JOURNAL”.

Felting Cat

Kat Short

Event Schedule

Below is our February event schedule currently being held at Kenbridge Town Hall, Kenbridge, VA

511 East Fifth Avenue, Room 214, Kenbridge, Virginia, 23944


Kathleen Sketch

Sketching with Kathleen

Kathleen Baldwin

February 17, 2018

1pm to 2:30pm

Yoga Bear

Mindful Motion gentle yoga

Debbie Vigneri

February 17 & 24

10am to 11:30

February 20

6:30pm to 8pm

Felt Journal

Make a felt covered journal

Kat Short

February 24, 2018

1pm to 5pm