Community Networking

Connecting our world


Through enlisting the community in manifesting and growing our vision, the community and center become synergistic and symbiotic.  The center will act as a hub for the community as well as for its teachers and students.  People from diverse backgrounds will come together for educational classes, wellness activities, 12 step groups, and veteran’s support services. 

By using the community to provide lodging, catering and food services, transportation, and other ancillary services, the facility becomes a way to enrich more than “just” the students themselves.  

By offering classes and workshops that focus on health and wellness, we intend to engage the community in improving their own health and subsequently decrease the morbidity and mortality associated with the many chronic illnesses and diseases that are prevalent in the area. 

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Community Connections

A hub of health, healing and recovery

We are open to listing many different providers, places, spaces, and connections. Please let us know if you or your organization would like to be added into the Turning Point Community Network.

Recovery meetings and centers

Body workers

Veterans Connections

holistic health options


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