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Life On Purpose: Reflections

By: Dr. Teresa Anne Fears Moore

This is the first chapter from our soon to be published book. Dr. Moore is on the Board of Turning Point Healing Retreat Center and has donated this work as a fund raising project for creating our center.  The finished work will have 52 weeks of reflections and is in the final editing stage.  Please enjoy this as a gift from us to you.

Sincerely, The Turning Point Healing Retreat Center Board


 Warm All Over

A few years ago, while laying in the bed cuddling my daughter, Alexa, I said, “It’s cold.”  Immediately, Alexa proceeded to pull the covers up over me, and then piled all of the pillows on top of me.  Happy with her effort, she said, “Are you warm now Mommy?”  The chill had left my body, and my heart was overcome with warmness.  She had responded to my comment with genuine love and compassion although it was uttered only as a statement about the overall temperature.  I wondered if I would have responded so quickly, and with such love, or would I have just adjusted her covers out of obligation and responsibility if she had made the comment.  In reality, I could have responded either way depending on the time of the day, my general level of energy, and other things competing for my time.  Alexa, at this stage in her life, responded to the moment with total awareness and unconditional love.

What began as me talking out loud, transformed into a beautiful lesson from the universe about paying attention and about need fulfillment.  Even though I had not actually been thinking about piling on more covers, Alexa heard my musing, realized that she could fulfill it, and she did just that on multiple levels.  Physically, I was toasty warm.  Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, my heart had warmed even more. 

Often what we say we want in life has to do with the physical world.  We want more money, time, or stuff.  We want the weather to be warmer or colder.  We wish for satisfying work.  We want a comfort and ambience.  Though these things are important in some respects, usually, our soul’s desire has little to do with the physical world.  Often we get our physical desires fulfilled and yet remain emotionally and spiritually empty.  No amount of physical gratification can fill that void; only genuine connection with our true essence and with the universal creative force can.  After these connections have been made we have the opportunity to share this with others as Alexa shared with me that night when she covered me up with the blankets. 

In some ways, it is easier to desire things on the physical level because we feel as though we have some control over these things.  If we work harder and make the right connections, we think that we can obtain these things.  When our desires are to be loved, respected, accepted, and appreciated for who we truly are, we feel emotionally vulnerable as we look for these things outside of ourselves.  Paradoxically, these desires can never be filled externally.  It is only when we find these things internally on a spiritual level that we can share them with others, and we can never offer or receive more of these things than we have shared with ourselves.

This week, think about what your current emotional and spiritual needs are.  If you desire more love from others, reflect on how much love you have for yourself.  If you can’t muster up love for yourself, how can you receive it or share it with another?  If you want acceptance from others, consider whether you have accepted yourself.  If you want respect from others, think about whether you have respect for yourself and for others.  Then realize that what you want emotionally, is usually what others want as well.  It is only when we offer the world our true selves that we will find these things and be able to share them.  As you go through your days, pay attention to other’s needs for these same things.  As you unconditionally give of yourself to others, you will find that even more of it is mirrored back to you.    

2 thoughts on “Life On Purpose: Warm all over

  1. JoAnne Stugart says:

    “Warm All Over” is just one article that you have written over the years that made us kindred spirits. I cannot wait for the book.

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