Turning Point’s Educational Center

Knowledge is Power

Empowerment through education

Our primary goal is to provide educational opportunities that foster personal growth, health, and healing to all who come.

We are already offering some workshops, seminars and classes in temporary rented locations in a nearby towns.  Our first wave of programs are being offered while the building construction is in the financing phase. 

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upcoming Classes for Everyone!

Dedicated to your Health, Ease and Harmonyyoga feel

Silent Meditation With Mindful Motion

Details coming soon. Please send an e-mail to debbie@TurningPointHealing.org

November 3, 2018   1:30pm – 4:30pm

Sit-Fit Class

Sit-Fit – a workout with a chair – was inspired by observing the needs of individuals who cannot join in a fast-paced, high-intensity aerobics class.  Physical limitations prevent many people from participating in regular fitness classes.  With the use of simple, easy movements in, or with assistance of, a chair, participants will have the chance to improve their strength, balance, range of motion, and attitude. Movement of any nature is a key aspect to improving health and fitness.  Spend an hour in a fun and relaxed stress-free environment with positive encouragement. Sit-Fit and your body will benefit!

Pro-Fit Class

The Pro-Fit program for fitness is an exciting new exercise class of stretching, walking with light weights and mindful motion.  Participants will have a fun time in a relaxed, non-stressful environment led by instructors with a goal of helping every individual learn the simple movements and activities that will improve their health and fitness.  Spend an hour treating your mind, body, and spirit with a Pro-Fit workout to relieve a day of stress with the ease and fun of movement.  Be kind to yourself and “profit from Pro-Fit”!

Health-Full Living Experience

Take a mini vacation and be a partner in your health and healing. Join us for a sharing of tips, techniques, and practices that will provide preventative ways to keep you healthy and well. We will share experiences around topics such as; healthy eating, body movement, body care, relaxation and focusing techniques for the mind and body, and seasonal topics that will be beneficial for your health. Your Spirit will soar as you discover loving self-care! Every month will have a special focus.

3rd Saturday of the month at 2:30-4pm

Price: $15.00 (includes supplies and materials)

Mindful Motion Floor Yoga

Each class will include centering, breath-work, stretching, postures, meditation and rest. It is suggested that you wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring:

¨ a yoga mat

¨ A small blanket

The class intention is to match breath with movement, increase flexibility and range of motion, calm the nervous system, promote relaxation and help to integrate the mind, body and spirit.

Classes are 1.5 hours each

Cost: $12 per session

Monthly & family rates available

Kenbridge Town Hall: Room 214

511 East 5th Ave, Kenbridge, VA 23944

Yoga Bear

Every BODY

can do Yoga!

 For more information or questions, call or text Debbie Vigneri: (518) 248-7220

Just walk in!

Saturday 10am – 11:30am



Debbie Vigneri

 For more information or questions, call or text Debbie Vigneri: (518) 248-7220

Mindful Motion Chair Yoga

 Join us for a fun and dynamic yoga community experience using the support of a chair. We will begin with centering, ease into invigorating full body warm-ups, stretching and breathing techniques.  Our one-hour practice will conclude with focusing the mind, and relaxation techniques that will make you feel good all over! No yoga experience is needed for this health-full experience. Hope to see you!

Small classes with personalized instruction.

Classes are 1-hour each

Cost: $10

Monthly & family rates available

Kenbridge Town Hall: Room 214

511 East 5th Ave, Kenbridge, VA 23944

Every BODY

can do Yoga!

Just walk in!

Monday 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Runs until December 3rd