Of the ten thousand trees

Along the banks of the river

The apricots have just come into flower

In the wind of a night

Wang Wei


Summer is thApricot treee season of bright light, heat, activity and abundance. Nature invites us to come and play in the garden of life! Long, hot days and the abundance of fruit entice us to feel the support of our world and the call to thrive and bask in health and well-being. Numerous health studies indicate that this vital connection to nature is beneficial to us physically emotionally and mentally.

May you feel and absorb the energy of this season in every way that feeds and nourishes you! May you thrive and flourish!

Shanti Shanti Peace and Blessings, Debbie

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Lovingly submitted by Debbie Vigneri

The energy of Spring brings with it a willingness to try new things that spice up life!Spring-hands

That was what I was feeling as I read about a recipe called Bengali dal (chana dal with raisins). I read about it in my favorite Yoga Journal and discovered that it contained many healing spices, and was served at weddings and other celebrations in East India.

As a student of Ayurveda (the science of Yoga) I have greatly benefited from the healing qualities of a variety of spices used in many Indian dishes. This recipe has a wealth of healing spices- turmeric, clove, chili powder, and cinnamon. It is so delicious and hope you feel the same! So I tried it, and it was delicious!!!

It is simple and inexpensive. Here is what you need:

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