Our Vision

Transforming ourselves and our world!

Turning Point Healing Retreat Center is an educational facility located in rural southern Virginia. Its mission is to provide a wide range of holistic workshops, classes, and modalities for the physical, mental, and emotional empowerment of all participants. Our programs are for families and individuals impacted by trauma or addictions, those experiencing pain and facing physical challenges, and those who seek a new path for personal growth. The bucolic  (peaceful and rural) environment provides a quiet, safe, and nurturing setting that offers a pathway for change, growth, and personal transformation.

2018 Board

Meet The Board

The members of the Turning Point Healing Retreat Center, our location, history, hopes and dreams.

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Classes & Workshops

We offer classes on a regular basis for the local community and workshops for people looking for a healing and growing experience.


Community Networking

We are committed to connecting people with options and information in as many ways as we can.  This includes the recovery community, treatment centers, therapists of many modalities, and other opportunities for healing and growth.