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“The Graphic Artist’s name is Andrew Klein, and he is a quite extraordinary person and artist!”

Debbie Vigneri

Debbie Vigneri



Illustrator & Graphic Artist

Andrew Klein

Andrew Klein

Andrew Klein is an illustrator and an artist born in 1973, who grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Since first grade, Andrew knew that he’d be drawing for the rest of his life. Starting in 1988, he left the comforts of his neighborhood school district and ventured on the F Train into Manhattan every day to further his passions. He earned his high school diploma from Art and Design HS in 1991, and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 1995.

His journey through mixed media is ongoing, deriving its strength from pop culture, music, nature, fantasy, and emotional honesty. Andrew is currently earning his Master’s Degree in Art Education at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY, hoping to inspire young minds with his passion and unique perspective.

Each piece of Andrew’s work is hand-crafted, original, and one of a kind…like a personal pizza. Every image seen on his web site is up for auction.  Check his website frequently as he updates it periodically. Just as Andrew was able to represent Turning Point Healing’s unique vision in a creative form, he is available to execute any personal visions that you may have as well as being available for collaborative efforts. 

I contacted Andrew with the request to create a logo that would capture the heart and Spirit of Turning Point Retreat Healing Center. Over the span of several months Andrew gathered the information about our special non-profit and we shared visions with one another through his sketches. Little by slowly, the image that now appears as our logo emerged from his Spirit and talent.


Our logo captures the journey of the individual on their healing path supported by, and through the connection of nature. It is our intention that our center will provide support and healing through an exploration of techniques, modalities and education addressing the mind, body and Spirit of those willing to journey toward wellness, balance and health.

Thank you from our hearts Andrew for you incredible gift, generosity and talent that will benefit so many!

Debbie & the Trustees of Turning Point

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