2018 Board

A Heart-felt Thanks

We, The Board of Turning Point Healing Retreat Center (TPHRC), extend our thanks to all who made it possible to receive a $500.00 grant from Walmart Corporation. These funds continue to support the beneficial programming that serves the community of Lunenburg County, in South Central Virginia.


We have also received a $5,000.00 donation from Elzinga & Volkers Construction Professionals in Holland, Michigan.  EV is a company committed to helping people heal and grow. Its corporate structure promotes leading with the heart instead of the head.  In recognition, we are naming the new road to Turning Point “Unmistakable Way”, in acknowledgement of the book “Become Unmistakable” written about the company’s own journey to healing and success.

Our current program called CAP (Combating Arthritis Pain), is designed to quantitatively support the results of much research (Center of Disease Control study) indicating that movement, a sense of purpose and belonging, and mindfulness can reduce pain without the use of prescription drugs. TPHRC is using the expertise of its Board of Directors to implement mobility and strength training, as well as, yoga, walking and mindful motion. Our medical doctor, and other Board staff are carefully recording the results of vital signs and capabilities to use in this 6-week pilot program.

 This generosity of these and many personal donors has given us the funding to offer this program free of charge to those in need. During this morning’s CAP class, participants had the opportunity to visit movement stations and do strength training and movements guided by their breath. I witnessed something incredible! I heard much laughter, and saw dear Spirits moving with joy and enjoyment. The courage to embrace a life that is inherent to all. How beautiful to watch! Our prayers, hopes and intentions continue in the effort to gain the financial support that will build our Retreat Center and continue to impact our community in ways never thought possible! Thanks for your continued support and helping our community and others everywhere!


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