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Currently there is a robust calendar of classes being offered in a rented facility in the nearby town of Kenbridge, VA. The common theme is the focus on the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of the participants. The bucolic environment of South-Central Virginia provides a quiet, safe, and nurturing setting that offers a space for change, growth, and personal transformation.

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Our Primary Goals

Turning Point Healing Retreat Center (TPHRC) is an educational resource and research facility focusing on community health, wellness and quality of life.  The goal is to build a headquarters which will be an center to support individuals, couples, and families seeking change, growth, and healing as well as developing a partnership with the local community.

Inspired by a grant opportunity from the CDC to combat the opioid epidemic, TPHRC ran a pilot program in 2018. The focus was reducing pain and limitations, increasing the quality of life, and decreasing the use of pain medications for people suffering from arthritis, without the use of pain medications.  Although no money for the project was allocated for the State of Virginia, the Center ran a small pilot program for a local group of individuals at no cost to the participants themselves. The results were so encouraging that another program for a 2019 grant proposal is being created. This grant focuses on a non-drug solution for everyone with physical limitations from chronic pain.  In addition, there is a pending 5-year research project, projected to begin in 2019, for “Americans in Motion” concentrating on ways to encourage and promote physical activity for the average population.


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Through enlisting the community in manifesting and growing our vision, the community and center become synergistic and symbiotic. 


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We come with a background in health, wellness, healing, business, education, design, and service that offers a firm foundation for the center’s construction, operation, and success.

Calendar of events

We are currently offering classes and workshops in a temporary location in Kenbridge.  Please check our calendar for the latest listing and events!

How to help

Turning Point Healing Retreat Center is a nonprofit corporation that will depend upon grants and donations for a large part of its operating expense.

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